Can you navigate seating charts like a boss?

Put your skills to the test in the 3D Digital Venue Challenge, a mind-bending game that'll transport you to a secret location and unlock a sweet prize (worth €150!).

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Here's how to participate:


  1. Complete the Short Form: Please fill out the form below to register for the challenge. Click the “Start the Mission” button.

  2. Explore the 3D Venue Map: We'll send you directly to a specific 3D venue map containing a hidden section.

  3. Find the Secret Location: Your task is to locate the section marked with the 3D Digital Venue symbol within the map.

  4. Claim Your Reward: Once you've identified the section, click the "Claim Your Prize" button.

  5. Submit the Section Number: Send an email to the provided address with the section number. Upon verification, you'll receive details on claiming your prize (worth €150!).

Think you have the chops?
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